Work Life Balance Analysis at PT Bentan Sondong Tanjungpinang


  • Satriadi Satriadi STIE Pembangunan Tanjungpinang
  • Veronika Iman STIE Pembangunan Tanjungpinang
  • Tubel Agusven STIE Pembangunan Tanjungpinang
  • Surya Kusumah4 STIE Pembangunan Tanjungpinang
  • Sumardin Sumardin Universitas Ibnu Sina


Work Life Balance


The purpose of this study is to determine the Work-Life Balance at PT Bentan Sondong Tanjungpinang. By using 3 indicators namely time balance, engagement balance, and satisfaction balance. The method used in this study is qualitative descriptive with the subject of the study, namely 7 employees of PT. Bentan Sondong Tanjungpinang who is married. The data analysis methods used in this study are qualitative data analysis, data reduction, data presentation, and conclusions. As well as the type of data used, namely primary data and secondary data. With credibility tests that include engineering triangulation and source triangulation. The conclusion of this study shows that the Work-Life Balance at PT Bentan Sondong Tanjungpinang is said to be unbalanced because two indicators have not been met, where employees still have difficulty in balancing work time with their personal lives. Employees feel a lack of time to be with family and do other activities because the working hours are long enough so that there is very little for employees to interact or chat with their families and employees who are not comfortable with the atmosphere of their work environment which makes them not concentrate on work.




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Satriadi, S., Iman, V., Agusven, T., Kusumah4, S. ., & Sumardin, S. (2023). Work Life Balance Analysis at PT Bentan Sondong Tanjungpinang. Cendana International Conference on Social and Technology, 1(1), 121–123. Retrieved from