The Influence of Product Quality on Purchasing Decisions at Love Tempe


  • Vickye Wu Politeknik Cendana
  • Arwin Arwin Politeknik Cendana
  • Hengky Kosasih Universitas Pasundan



This study aims to examine the effect of price and product quality on purchasing decisions at Love Tempe. The object of this research is Love Tempe buyers. The method used by the author is quantitative research with associative research using accidental sampling techniques. The data applied in this study are primary data, data obtained from questionnaires distributed to 97 respondents. The analysis method used is simple linear regression with the help of SPSS 26. From the results of the simple linear regression test Y = 18.518 + 0.273 X : the constant value (a) is 18.518, which means that if there is no increase in purchasing decisions, the value of purchasing decisions is 18.518. The coefficient for the product quality variable (X) is 0.273, which means that every 1 unit increase in product quality, the buyer's decision will increase by 0.273. The coefficient of determination test results show that product quality is able to influence purchasing decisions by 63.8%. The remaining 36.2% is influenced by other variables that are not included in this research model. Based on the results of the T test using SPSS 26, it can be seen that the probability value of the significance of the product quality variable is 0 <0.05, the tcount value of the product quality variable (X) is 12.894>1.98525 ttable. so it can be concluded that there is an influence between variable X on variable Y.




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