Effect of Service Quality on Customer Loyalty at Fortunate Coffee Cemara Asri, Deli Serdang


  • Shella Shella Politeknik Cendana
  • Weny Weny Politeknik Cendana
  • Tasik Utama Politeknik Cendana


Service Quality, Customer Loyalty


Fortunate Coffee Cemara Asri is a cafe that offers a diverse range of vegan food and beverage options, including breads, desserts, snacks, coffee, and cuisine from Nusantara, the Western world, and the East. This study aims to examine the impact of service quality on customer loyalty at Fortunate Coffee Cemara Asri. The indicators of service quality evaluated include reliability, awareness, attention, and accuracy. Indicators of customer loyalty include repeat purchases, recommendations to others, brand loyalty, and positive word-of-mouth. This study utilizes quantitative associative research methods to measure the impact of the independent variable on the dependent variable. The sample size consists of 75 participants, who were selected through incidental sampling. The study's normality test yielded a result of 0.178, exceeding the significance standard of 0.05, leading to the conclusion that the data is normally distributed. The coefficient of determination test revealed that there is a 39.56% relationship or influence between Service Quality and Customer Loyalty. The simple linear regression test yields a regression model equation Y = 17,210 + 0.585X, signifying that each unit's increase in service quality can boost customer loyalty by 0.585 times. The Z test results indicate that Z value (5.411)> Z table value (1.00), affirming the influence of service quality on customer loyalty in Fortunate Coffee Cemara Asri, Deli Sedang.




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Shella, S., Weny, W., & Utama, T. (2023). Effect of Service Quality on Customer Loyalty at Fortunate Coffee Cemara Asri, Deli Serdang. Cendana International Conference on Social and Technology, 1(1), 85–90. Retrieved from http://prosiding.politeknikcendana.ac.id/index.php/CICoST/article/view/362