Analyze for Product Quality on Customer Loyalty PT Golgon Medan


  • Hansen Winata Politeknik Cendana
  • Dewi Anggraini Politeknik Cendana
  • Fahmi Sulaiman Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Manajemen Sukma


Product Quality, Customer Loyalty


PT Golgol Medan experienced a decline in customer loyalty that can be seen from the sales data this was suspected due to product quality. This research aims to investigate whether product quality influences customer loyalty in PT Golgol Medan. Product quality has an important role in shaping customer loyalty. Product quality and promotion are highly connected with customer loyalty and sales data. In this research, the writer used quantitative research design and SPSS. The sampling technique used was simple random sampling. The sample size was 64 customers. The results of the hypothesis test showed that product quality influences customer loyalty. Recommendations for PT Golgol Medan include improving product quality by using quality raw materials and following standards such as plastic seeds used.




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Winata, H., Anggraini, D., & Sulaiman, F. (2024). Analyze for Product Quality on Customer Loyalty PT Golgon Medan. Cendana International Conference on Social and Technology, 1(1), 68–72. Retrieved from